The Centre for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch, CeFTIW, has raised an alarm over the campaign funding of politicians.

The CeFTIW Board of Trustees, BoT, Chairman, Angela Nworgu, said politicians would stop throwing money around during elections if their source of funding is exposed.

Nworgu disclosed this while highlighting some of the projects by CeFTIW, which include electoral financing project, transparency and integrity index, probe monitor security chronicles and organized crime mapping, among others.

She spoke during an interactive session with journalists in Abuja on Friday.

Nworgu in a presentation said, “On the electoral financing project, we are focusing on people who want to contest elections and how are they funding their campaigns. We see all kinds of strange things happening, and before you know it, he has a lot of money and is throwing it around.

“Nobody stops to ask what the source of this funding is? What is the source of the money being thrown around? If we can trace the source, these people would not be so flagrant with it because they know we know what they are doing, and it will help the electorates to know who to support.”

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