1. Personal Use Subscriber

This refers to those who join the business in order to gain cheap and easy access to data/airtime and payment of utility bills for personal use. They do not have interest in doing business with Dataway cheap offers. Theirs is for personal use only.

2. Commercial Use Subscriber

Unlike “personal use subscribers”, commercial use subscribers are those whose aim of joining Dataway is for business purpose. They, therefore, focus on profit making by leveraging on the platform for their Data reselling business, sale of airtime, utility bill settlement such as payment of NEPA bill, cable subscription and even money deposit and transfer service.

Some commercial subscribers own shops and set up banners or sign posts at strategic locations to direct customers to their offices. However, owning a shop is not a limitation for those who operate fully online, when they can carefully build their coverage by establishing cordial relationships online and building trust and reputation. Yet, the best model for commercial subscribers who wish to realize rapid turnovers is to focus both online and offline.

3. Network/Affiliate Marketing Subscriber

An affiliate marketer is simply one who recommends a company or a product to others for some form of reward or incentives. Dataway has made it possible for people with such specialty to shine. To this end, Dataway affiliates are rewarded with ₦1,000 plus 1GB data daily for every new invitee that joins the business through their link.

Isn’t that interesting? Of course it is! So, the possibility of a smart affiliate to earn between 100 to ₦300,000 in a month is very wide, given the fact that in this 21st century, Data is something majority can’t live without, and telling people where they can get Data easily and cheaply would be appreciated both by your invitee and the host company.⁠

4. Whole Subscriber

A whole subscriber is one who registers on Dataway and takes advantage of all its offers. He is a Personal Use Subscriber, a Commercial Use Subscriber, as well as a Network/Affiliate Marketing Subscriber. Whole subscribers do not focus on one aspect of the business. They go all out to enjoy the wonderful offers of Dataway as well as to spread the enjoyment to others for mutual benefits.

It is noteworthy, however, that there is no special registration process for each category of subscriber identified above. Everyone goes through thesame steps in creating an account and pays the same subscription fee either the one-time membership or recurring. The difference applies only in your interest and your interest will determine your focus, which in turn will determine your result.

…for your financial success!