Accord Party (AP) presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen has vowed to safeguard Nigeria’s borders so as to stem the rising tide of insecurity.

At a meeting with AP chieftains in Abuja, the flagbearer said he would work assiduously to ensure that more attention is paid effective manning of borders to stop the influx of undesirable elements.

Imumolen believes Nigeria is going through its most challenging period because of a porous border system that allows inflow of drugs, contraband, firearms, and people of questionable intentions.

“The consequence is that the country is suffering the effects of such negligence as it keeps witnessing an untoward rise in unwarranted killings, kidnappings and other vices,” he lamented.

Imumolen noted that a nation that is serious about achieving and enjoying sustainable peace must not allow the trend to continue.

The candidate said the situation has the potential to ultimately derail the objective of economic growth as well as Nigeria’s sovereignty.

“The way forward will therefore be for us to take a holistic look at the current border system that we operate in order to make the necessary adjustments.

“First, we would need to look at the over 1400 unguarded, unmanned illegal routes that makes us so vulnerable.

“According to statistics, there are about 84 approved border control systems to combat the huge traffic of movement into the country from different points across all regions.

“My administration will do everything possible to raise the number of approved border control systems to an appreciable level to minimize, if not completely eradicate the uninhibited access outsiders have.

“I am in no doubt whatsoever that once this is done, our nation will begin to move speedily towards a guaranteed security system, economic prosperity and wellbeing for citizens”, Imumolen added.

Accord presidential candidate, Imumolen announces strategy to end Nigeria’s insecurity