Famous Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has advised his fans to stay away from people who tag them as stingy for not spending their money on them if they want to make it in life.

According to the outspoken writer, these kinds of people have a poverty mentality and as such would not help anyone around them to grow financially.

He added that as a person seeking to grow, it is normal to see some of your friends disliking you for succeeding.

Reno Omokri advised his fans to distance themselves from people who tag them stingy no matter how ‘hot’ they think that person.

“A very good way to avoid poverty is to avoid people with a poverty mentality. And who are they? People who call you stingy because you refuse to spend money on them.

Once anyone uses that word on you, mark and avoid them, even if they are the hottest babe in town! And in your journey up, you will find that some of your successful ‘friends’ like you when you are broke, but as soon as you become successful, they start disliking you.

As soon as your success exceeds theirs, they start hating you. They want you to succeed. But never more than them!”

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