The Head of Department, Political Science, University of Lagos, Dr. Rotimi Fayemi on Thursday in Kaduna warned politicians against using money to influence their votes.

He described those doing so as “political businessmen” and not true politicians, warning the electorates to be wary of those politicians who use their votes to enrich their pockets

Dr. Fayemi while reacting to a recent politician who demanded the refund of his money from delegates after losing an election said when such a person eventually wins, he must first of all, recover all that he has spent, put the gain aside and make sure, he loads more money from the public purse for another election before his tenure elapses.

Dr. Fayemi noted that some people call themselves politicians when their motive is to be elected into public office to loot and empty the treasury of government to the detriment of the masses.

“It is so disgraceful, for a politician to share money, and bribe delegates to vote for him. When such is in practice, it means such person is into the political business of money-making, and do not have the interest of the masses.”

He called on electorates to always shine their eyes, study and scrutinize those seeking public offices before voting them into power.

“This is the problem of Nigeria today. We are where we are today because the wrong people were voted into the right place, and so, to put things right becomes difficult. Those who do not know anything about finance, or the economy, are right there as heads of the committee, whereas, they have no knowledge about the office they occupy.”

Beware of politicians luring you with cash, they are just businessmen – University Don to delegates