Former Liverpool midfielder, Jamie Redknapp, has snubbed Mohamed Salah and named Virgil van Dijk as the club’s most important player.

Van Dijk and Salah have played an important role in Liverpool’s title spree over the last three years, with the Netherlands international widely regarded as the best centre-back and the Egyptian international the best winger.

Van Dijk, who joined the Reds in 2018 for £75 million from Southampton, has been a force to be reckoned with in defense.

Salah, meanwhile, has been on a prolific goal-scoring spree since joining Liverpool from AS Roma in 2017, scoring 155 times from 252 games while making another 63 assists.

Speaking to Sky (via Anfield Watch), Redknapp drew an interesting parallel between the duo, claiming that Salah is replaceable, but Van Dijk is not, making him their most valuable player.

He said, “Virgil van Dijk for me, is the most important player at the club. I would not give anyone more money than him. That is how I see it.

“I know strikers should get more, in terms of that’s always been the way it is, but whatever Virgil gets, he should be on the most. They will find another Mo Salah. You can’t find another Virgil van Dijk right now.”

EPL: Redknapp snubs Salah, names Liverpool’s most important player