Senator Magnus Abe has clarified that he is still in the race for the Governorship ticket of the APC in Rivers State.

This is despite an earlier statement by one of his loyalists Tony Okocha that members of Abe’s faction of the APC will not be taking part in today’s primaries.

Briefing newsmen in Port Harcourt, the Governorship aspirant said he will be on the ballot in the 2023 general elections and that he has not withdrawn from the primaries.

He said “I have not withdrawn and I will not withdraw. I’m, however, aware that what is being set up today is a charade.

“Everybody knows that in a delegate election if you’re not included in how the delegates are chosen if the process of choosing the delegates is not inclusive, is not transparent and fair, the outcome of what they delegate will do can not be expected to be any different from what the process that produced them.

“Like I stated at the beginning when I declared, I said I will not accept the outcome of any process that is not just, fair equitable and that is not inclusive.

“The indirect primaries being conducted today by the former minister of transportation and his cronies in the All Progressives Congress in Rivers state clearly does not meet that standard. And for that reason, while I have decided not to withdraw out of respect for the party, I want to say clearly that I will not accept the outcome nor will I be bound by it”.

Abe also assured that he is still a member of the All Progressives Congress.

I have not withdrawn from APC primaries but will not accept the outcome – Magnus Abe