Governor of Ekiti State, John Kayode Fayemi has admitted that he is ruling the State from the federal capital territory, Abuja.

There are concerns over some governors abandoning their States and moving to Abuja once they are elected into power. Some governors even travel abroad and spend years while their States suffer.

Ekiti is one of such States where the complaints about an absentee Chief executive has been resonating, with the citizens and members of the opposition expressing worries about Governor Fayemi relocating to Abuja.

And in an interview with Channels Television on Monday, the Governor admitted spending more time in Abuja than Ekiti.

However, he added that where he spends his time should not be a source of worry to the people. According to him, they should be more worried if he is not performing his duty as a governor.

“I do,” Fayemi said when asked if he truly spends more time in Abuja than Ekiti.

“I know some [people] feel it. Certainly I spend more time [in Abuja] in this second term in office than I did in my first term in office.

“But, you know, that shouldn’t bother anyone beyond perception level, bother. It is whether it is telling on my performance as a governor that should be worrying,” he stated.

I spend more time in Abuja than Ekiti – Gov Fayemi admits