I Want To Restore Economic Boom In Nigeria, Udom Tells PDP Delegates
Udom Emmanuel

Udom Emmanuel, governor of Akwa Ibom state, has stated that his mission is to take Nigeria from its “present gloom” to a state of “economic boom”.

The governor is one of the presidential hopefuls on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform.

Making his final pitch to PDP delegates on Friday, Emmanuel said if he gets the presidential ticket of the party, he would pull Nigeria out of economic and security woes.

The governor stated that he has enormous experience in security management, noting that he has what it takes to help Nigeria overcome insurgency and criminal agitation.

“The current bleak economic and poor security situation in Nigeria, our dear country, has challenged me to enter the presidential race with the mission to rescue and restore Nigeria from its present gloom to her state of economic boom,” the Akwa Ibom governor said.

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“I have handled insecurity before and given the opportunity, I would do so again. In my leadership, I am conscious that the greatest need of any society which money cannot buy is peace and under my watch, Akwa Ibom state has witnessed peace.

“We all know that Nigeria needs peace for the economy to grow and for other sectors to thrive and I know that with the application of psychological operations and strategic kinetic deployment built on a foundation of sincerity and political will, these insurrections and criminal agitations will be a thing of the past.

“I sincerely believe and strongly proceed that if we fix the economy, provide jobs, attain food sufficiency and security, bridge our infrastructure deficit, attract foreign direct investments, fix our education system to an enviable status, start and run a world-class national carrier, the current agitations and attendant insecurity will cease and the glory of our land will return and we will again be proud to be called Nigerians.”

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