Twitter user @oko_ajike has expressed his gratitude towards his wife for helping him when he didn’t have a well paying job.

The proud husband revealed that when he was jobless, his wife fed him for a year plus, borrowed money to rent an apartment for him, furnished it and still promised to marry him.

He said he had once asked her if she was normal to stay with a very haggard and poor person like him.

He eventually testified that he and his wife got bigger jobs with monthly salaries some days after the wedding.

In his words:

My wife fed me for a year and half then I didn’t have a job and she still promised to marry me.

When my brother I was squatting with was about to get married, she borrowed 400k to rent me an apartment and I knew how she paid back, 50k every month. She furnished the apartment.

One day I called her, are you sure you are normal…..How could you stay with this thing (me), I looked very haggard, extremely poor, this cute Ajike never complained, she would come over prepare different kind of soup for me, store them inside the freezer she bought.

After our wedding my wife got a bigger job, 10 days after our wedding, I got a better job. Today my monthly salary is a good annual salary. I want to do everything for this woman, I still can’t comprehend how she was able to do all these things.”

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