A public commentator, Ahmed Bakare has warned that Zamfara State residents must not rejoice over the posting of a new commissioner of police to the state.

This was disclosed to DAILY POST in Gusau, the State capital while fielding questions from DAILY POST, saying the commentator condemned outrightly the activities of the security operatives.

“We have no confidence in the state’s security issues because everything has remained the same for over a decade now, so which excuse will the security operatives give us for their security lapses”

“Have you not heard that some few days ago, the State police command arrested a sacked army Officer, for banditry activities in the state, then where are we going if the security operatives cannot protect the lives and properties of citizens”

He said the government knows what is wrong with the insecurity situation in Nigeria and if he can advise Nigerians, he will tell them not to come out in 2023 to vote for anybody because they are the best of the same feather”

Bakare recalled that the security and economic situation of the country has gone beyond rhetorics, seminars and workshops, saying that only the citizens can push out all the self-centred leaders from the system in 2023.

“But then, the so-called government have seriously imposed abject poverty among the people so that they will be blindfolded and would not have any sense of reasoning”

“They use the youths for political thuggery for their own selfish political gains, buy dangerous drugs for them and empower them with dangerous weapons to kill their fellow human beings because of political interest ”

“We may not blame the youths because hunger and starvation have forced them to such kangaroo political activities, there’s no way out of the kangaroo political living in the country”

“Everybody living in Zamfara State for example can bear witness of the current insecurity and high cost of living in the state and strangers are constantly moving out of the state because of insecurity and high cost of living”

“The residents must wake up to the challenge and address the teething issue because the politicians can never address the issue as they are only interested in their political gains and not public interest”

Nigerians will blame themselves if they elect wrongly in 2023 – Analyst