If you are looking for a new business to start in this new year, then I recommend VTU business and bill payment services. A virtual top-up (VTU) business involves the sale of mobile phone airtime and data to customers. Including other bill payment services such as TV cable subscription, electricity bill and so on.

If you would like to start a VTU business in Nigeria, continue reading to see how profitable it is, and to learn more about how you can start leveraging on this business opportunity with little or no capital.

Unlike the well-known pattern of recharging or loading your phone, by purchasing a paper scratch card or pin, while loading the pin number into your sim card using a USSD code from the telecoms company. The VTU method involves a VTU vendor like you who uses a digital medium like your mobile phone to top up or credit your customer phone directly.

Therefore, no more hassles or stress over scratching cards or USSD code methods. Your customer will then receive a direct top up on his or her phone immediately the process is done.

Now You May Ask How Profitable Is VTU Business in Nigeria

As at October 2022, there are over 214 million active sim cards from over 319 million connected lines in Nigeria according to NCC.
With the active sim user recharges about ₦2,000 per month on average. That record over  ₦294 billion Nigerians spends on airtime and data monthly. While VTU vendors like you and I can get a share of the commission from over ₦3.5 trillion spent on airtime and data sub annually in Nigeria according to guardian as per the past record inclusion.

The good thing about VTU business is that, you may not need a shop or any registration licensing before getting started. You don’t even need a huge capital because you can start with little or no capital while you grow bigger gradually.

This business can be done remotely and mobile and even on auto pilot when selling and making profit while sleeping. Also, you can always dispense between ₦50 to ₦1,000,000, while you get between 3% to 5% profit on almost all the network from your VTU recharge. Therefore, you will be getting your own cut from the ₦294 billion a month from the telecoms industry.

Amazing right?

To Get Started

You have two options to get started:

With Zero Capital: Simply register for FREE on Datawayapp.com within a few seconds and start selling. After registration, you will be asked to set up a 4 digit security pin to secure your account and your transactions.

From your dashboard, click on the fund wallet to generate an account number which you can use to receive payment from your customers in partnership with Providus bank. Once you receive payment from your customer to your wallet, you can then buy and sell to them while you keep your discount as profit.

With Little Capital: Dataway is given the opportunity to spend a little capital by purchasing a domain and hosting to get your own VTU website which you can start selling directly from your website on auto pilot even when you are sleeping.

At Dataway, we offer domain and hosting services. You can start with as low as ₦1,500 to ₦5,000 to get your domain name and hosting purchased while we assist you to install and set up your very own VTU website for free.

We are currently offering free installation and setup of the VTU website for interested persons this new year from now till the end of January. All you need to do is to buy domain and hosting from us at hosting.datawayapp.com, send us a message on whatsapp and request for free installation and setup. Then we will guide you through and carry you along with full support from us as you sell on your very own website.

Either with zero capital or with little capital depending on your capacity, you need to create a free account on Datawayapp.com to get started, then for your own website, you just need to install the Dataway plugin and connect our API to your own website. These are all we are going to be doing for you for free.

On Datawayapp.com, we have customer level and subscriber level.

After one year and six months of Dataway existence with over ₦1.7 billion transactions and over half a billion payout so far, the management at Datawayapp Limited has decided to make membership registration free for everyone.

Customers who registered for free will now be able to buy cheaper SME data and resell from ₦120/500MB, ₦230/1GB to ₦2,400/10GB and also get a 1% discount on other purchases including VTU airtime and data.

Those who upgrade to subscriber level will be able to also buy cheaper SME data and get up to 3 to 4% discount on other purchases including more benefits like monthly 7GB of data and many more.

Users who wish to take advantage of the Dataway affiliate program can also get more discounts after subscribing with just 2k using either wallet fund, coupon code or online payment.

If you refer someone who registers for free and the person upgrades from customer level to subscriber level, you will earn 1k commission with 1GB free data while the person you refer to Dataway will gain access to subscriber features and also get 2GB data value.

Not yet a member, Register for free now by using this registration link 👉 Datawayapp.com/register.

Once you register, set up a 4-digit security pin for your account.

Click on fund wallet to generate a personal account number for yourself via Providus Bank. You can receive money from anywhere to this account which will automatically be credited to your Dataway wallet.

From your wallet, you can now buy anything cheaper, more affordable data and discounted airtime and bill payment. More features will be added soon and the official app will be released before the end of this month.

Use Dataway daily for your data, airtime and bill payment, you can also resell to make more money while you always get connected with your friends and love ones.