The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, says his government will soon set up Lagos State Education Trust Fund.

Sanwo-Olu made the statement while receiving the 322-page report of the visitation panel that was set up for the Lagos State University under the leadership of the former VC of the University of Lagos, Professor Abdulrahman Bello.

In a series of tweets via his verified Twitter handle, he said the trust fund will help keep the three Lagos State’s Tertiary Institutions on the path of sustainability.

“This autonomous funding mechanism will keep all three Lagos State’s tertiary institutions on the path of sustainability.

“I believe there is a need for us to set up the Lagos State Tertiary Education Trust Fund, which, in our view, will create a sustainable model and the funding that is required, both internally and externally, to strengthen academic research, learning and all that is necessary to keep these universities on the track of their mission, he said.

He also said it will augment the monthly subventions from federal government education agencies.

“The Trust Fund would create an additional funding source to the three universities, aside from the monthly subventions and intervention funds from federal education agencies such as TETfund”, he added.

Three Universities in Lagos to get special trust fund