They say data is life, and data is everything! You can read this piece of write-up because you are somehow connected to the internet, which is made possible by having data on your device.

There was a time in Nigeria when we just browse directly with the airtime on our phones. However, the advent of data subscriptions revolutionized this game, and here we are today!

Moreover, it is no fallacy when we say; you absolutely cannot do anything online these days without having data.

Amidst the brouhaha that comes with data subscriptions, we can’t deny that we crave those affordable data plans that cater to every of our browsing needs without headaches.

Dataway is one of such amazing platforms, making sure you get a fulfilled lifestyle while enjoying the time you spent on the internet.
Fortunately, this is something you’ve never experienced because the innovation and benefits that come with it are just out of this world!
Let’s Take a Look at Ten Reasons Why You Need To Subscribe On Dataway

1. It is Affordable

Affordability comes in handy—no one fancy high data plans, especially when you are not getting any extra benefits in return. However, Dataway gives you affordable data plans on all networks with free advantages as a platform member.

2. Easy Bill Payment

To avoid issues with subscribing to your cable TVs, electricity bills, and other utilities, Dataway provides a smooth transactional procedure for every user. You can pay your bill in minutes.

3. You earn money using Dataway

For every friend you introduce to Dataway, you get extra data and cash income of up to 50%, which you can withdraw/transfer  to your bank account or anywhere anytime you want. The transparency in this process is top-notch.

4. You can resell

As a subscribed user on Dataway, you can resell its services and gain more earning power! There is no limit to what you can do once you are a reseller.

5. You save and transfer anytime

Dataway allows you to save some, reserve and make transfer or use or your earning and your wallet balance at anytime you wish without limitation or any delay.

6. Access to POS Terminals

Dataway is not just ordinary innovation; it is a platform seeking to spread its tents nationwide. Hence, you can become an agent with access to “Point of Service” terminals to enable you to cater to many customers, wherever you are.

7. Recharge Card Printing Business

Subscribers of Dataway will have the opportunity to learn how to print recharge vouchers and sell them for maximum profits. You will also have access to recharge card printing portal where you can print recharge card.

8. Tech Opportunities

Web developers, who wish to integrate some of Dataway’s services to their respective platforms, can gain access to its API parameters and then do exploits

9. Freedom and Security

Dataway gives you the freedom to surf the internet without worries. You tend to bring out your creativity and increase your productivity while enjoying numerous benefits from the comfort of your bedroom.
Bear in mind that the platform is absolutely secure for whatever transaction you want to make without worrying about technical glitches.

0. It is a Registered Company: 

Dataway is licensed to carry out its operation efficiently, and it is owned by Unique Way Enterprise. A registered company under CAC BN – 3175683

How to get started?

We have also set aside a fixed subscription fee of only ₦2,000 one-time membership or monthly renewal for basic and advanced subscribers. You can subscribe and pay online or get a subscription e-pin.

If you prefer to subscribe offline, kindly use our contact page

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