Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Russian government has expanded its list of “unfriendly foreign states”.

The list now includes the likes of Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia, according to a decree signed by Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, CNN reports.

The decree said Russia considers nations that “commit unfriendly actions” against Russia as “unfriendly countries.”

Czech Republic and the United States of America are already in the list.

Countries in this list are limited in their ability to hire workers located in the territory of Russia for embassies, consulates and representative offices of state bodies.

The decree on unfriendly countries was signed by President Vladimir Putin in April 2022 barely two months after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.

Greece has a limit of hiring 34 people, Denmark of 20, and Slovakia of 16, the decree added.

Slovenia and Croatia will not be able to hire employees for their diplomatic missions and consular offices, as was the case with the United States.

War: Russia expands list of unfriendly countries