There is a popular question in a gambling blog of gaming establishments online – what is the RTP? Let’s make things clear and know what RTP means.

RTP literally means return to the player. Its value indicates how often a gambler can expect to win, therefore, the higher the percentage, the more likely and more often they can win. The RTP indicator determines how many bets a gambler will be able to return from all the bets they made on a certain slot in the long term.

Let’s consider a 100% RTP as an example. This means that the player’s chances of winning are equal to the casino’s chances, so in the end, financially, there will most likely be a draw. If the RTP is above 100%, it means that over time the casino will lose money. That is why automatons with an RTP of more than 100% are a rare phenomenon. If the RPT is less than 100%, the gambler still has a chance to win.

As a rule, in an online casino, the RTP of the automaton should start from 90%. Reliable software providers have information on the RTP player of a particular slot or game always available. For land-based casinos, the standard is establishments with a lower RTP.

How is the RTP Value Calculated?

The RTP indicator can be found out using simple mathematics, the main thing is to remember how much money you bet and your winnings. You need to divide your money won by the total number of bets multiplied by 100% before that.

If you know what RTP is equal to, you will be able to find out exactly how much money you or the gaming establishment wins. With an RTP equal to 90%, with a long game, the casino will take about 10% of the amount of players’ bets.


What You Need to Know about RTP?

You should know the following things about RTP:

  • The main thing you need to know is that RTP is a statistic and theory; you should not completely trust this value.
  • The return rate of the slot machine is always set by the device developer, and it does not matter where it is used after that, in a virtual casino or a land-based establishment.
  • The owners of casinos are unable to influence the percentage of RTP embedded inside the gaming machine, for this reason, the player should be calm and confident that their winnings are determined only by the mechanics of the slot and a random number generator. In order not to get into low-quality casinos, it is best to choose an institution with all the supporting documents and licensed automatons.


One of the main rules of a successful player is to study the features of the game, its functions and other details. In a reliable online casino, you can learn about all the nuances of each game that it has. Depending on the functions of a certain slot and the value of its RTP, it is possible to build a more profitable game strategy.


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