Former Arsenal and Barcelona striker, Thierry Henry has said it was important for French football that Kylian Mbappe stayed with Paris Saint-Germain.

Henry admits he always thought the 23-year-old would join Real Madrid.

Mbappe had been linked to the LaLiga champions since last year, but the PSG forward ultimately opted to remain with PSG.

“Obviously, Kylian decided to stay. It’s massive for French football,” Henry said.

“I thought he was going to go, I think everyone thought he was going to go, even including himself.

“I think he changed his mind. I don’t know what exactly made him change his mind, because I didn’t see what he said.

“Hopefully that shows where PSG wants to go because normally, one thing is sure: when you play for a big club, you don’t get away from a big club; the big club gets rid of you when you’re old. When you’re still in your prime, you don’t leave. He decided to stay. He has the club, obviously, in his heart.

“People will talk about what he’s going to get in terms of money and power but I would like to think that if you think that long about something, money would have come anywhere anyhow, wherever he went, but he wanted to stay.”

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